Wednesday, 3 July 2013

4 Possible Project Titles

Suggested Project: Investigating on how duckweeds (other plants) are a bio-indicator on the water quality.

Info: As duckweed are found in almost all water bodies like lakes, we can investigate how they are affected (growth, reproduction, size) based on different types of water situations like if its in salt water will it reproduce more and stuff.

Methods: We must first familiarise ourselves with the duckweed (other plants) to understand how it works. Once that is done we will probably need to find samples of water and test their pH levels as well as the impurities (pollutants etc.) in it. We then find the correlation between duckweed's growth and other factors and the water situation.


Suggested Project: Investigating on how the effect of earphones on our ears.

Info: Since many of us are using earphones now and then, could there be any harm or damage done to us? After all, earphones are basically small speak that we put into our ears.

Methods: We can study the ear structure and how sound gets detected. We then study the earphone's structure and how they fit into our ears. From there, see whether the speaker of the earphone is too close or is the ergonmics of the earphone will affect the ear structure etc.


Suggested Project: Investigating on the effects of coffee on us

Info: Coffee is something we all drink and it has good and bad effects. We want to find out what they are and find a best possible amount and timing to drink for the best performance in school.

Methods: We can allow people to drink a certain amount of coffee and ask them questions to test their alertness and also let them drink during different times of the day to see how it affects us as well. We can find out how coffee affects our physical health by making us stronger, faster etc.

Yun Shu

Suggested Project: An investigation if garlic can prevent crown gall

Info: Crown gall is a plant disease caused by the bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens. It affects a large variety of broad-leaved (dicotyledonous) plants. This project uses tomato plants to investigate whether garlic extract can prevent crown gall infection.  
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Method: Have 4 different set-ups. The first two is of a healthy plant and the remaining two will be infected with crown gall. Water one of the healthy plant and one of the infected plant with the same amount of garlic extract and water daily. Water the other two plants with plain water. Let the plants grow in the same conditions for 2-3 weeks. Observe the changes in the plants if any.

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