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An investigation on how acids in fruits affect the amount of bacteria on the iPhone

An experiment was carried out to investigate how the different acids in fruit juice affected the growth of bacteria found on two separate parts of the iPhone screen. The purpose of the experiment was to see how different fruit essences in fruit and herb hand soaps found on the market could actually affect the quality of the soap in the way that they could cause more growth or impediment of the bacteria found on the hand.
The method applied was to dilute the juice and bacteria concentration with different amounts of water before letting them incubate on the agar dish and afterwards counting the individual colonies to identify which acid in the juice impeded the most growth.
The results show that Nectarines impeded the growth of the bacteria the most while Raspberry and Avocado did not impede and may have even encouraged bacterial growth. Peaches were second in the terms of impeding growth of bacterial colonies.
Eventually, we wanted to create a organic and natural soap or sanitizer that smelled nice and could kill bacteria, a contrast to the soaps on the market which may smell bad although they are effective in killing bacteria.

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