5. Conclusion

5.1 Summary of findings
For the bacteria at the black screen area, the acids in nectarine is the most effective at reducing the bacteria while for the bacteria at the speaker area, the acids in peach is the most effective at reducing the bacteria. From that we can conclude that malic acid, which can be mostly found in nectarines, is effective on reducing the amount of bacteria on the black screen area and the combination of malic and citric acid, which can be mostly found in peaches, is effective on reducing the amount of bacteria on the speaker area.

5.2 Practical Applications
We could apply the knowledge that we gained in real life by producing an organic cleanser that is mainly comprised of the acids found in nectarine and peach. This can help get rid of unwanted bacteria found on the phone and ensure that your phone is clean from harmful bacteria. It ensures that your phone is not contaminated with bacteria that can be found on your hands and ears when you touch dirty or dusty surfaces, sweat, make contact with area that has infection etc.
Next, we could also make an organic hand soap that is also made of up of the acids found in the two fruits, nectarine and peach. By manufacturing this product and introducing it to the market, people who have allergies to skin problem or certain chemicals found in ordinary hand soap can now have no worries when using this particular hand soap that we produced because it has organic properties that are extracted from the two fruits. The advantage is that it also will smell much fresh and aromatic and the components found in the soap will be mainly made up of organic materials which will make our product more pure, comprising of lesser chemicals.
Then, we can also introduce our organic hand sanitizer to the market. This particular product will skim the market as it comprises of organic materials which has a nice scent and at the same time get rid of all the harmful bacteria found on your hand to ensure that it is germs-free to keep you safe. It will also be easy to carry around and you can use it whenever you want, be it cleansing your hands, making your hands smell nicer etc.
Finally, we can introduce the organic wet wipes to people who wants to have ease cleaning their hands on the go or wants to cleanse their phone. This product can help get rid of the bacteria on your hands or phone because it has the organic components found in the two fruits and it is also comprised of lesser chemicals which may be harmful or may cause allergy to some people.

5.3 Areas for further study
We could have make use of more kinds of different fruits in our experiment so that we could test which acid(s) in the fruits is/are the most effective in getting rid of the bacteria found on the iPhone. This will ensure that the experiment we conducted is fair and not only limited to these few fruits, nectarine, peach, avocado and raspberry.

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